Saturday, 22 October 2011

{Holiday Fun} An Almost Jack-O-Lantern

Here is an alternative for those of you not keen to spend QR150 on a pumpkin from Lulu - a Watermelon Jack-O-Lantern. A very cheap alternative to using a pumpkin when you are in the hotter climes. We bought 2 watermelons, one was QR10 and the other was QR13.  This was my first attempt to make any kind of Jack-O-Lantern and I was surprised at how easy it was. For our first attempt we drew our own design on the watermelon and for our second attempt we downloaded a stencil we found online. I just googles Jack-O-Lantern Stencil and came up with a number of web pages offering them. We used one from  Once you find the stencil you want to use just print it and cut it out so you can then use it to draw the design onto the watermelon.  

All in all a successful afternoon of cheap and relatively easy fun that the kids thought was great. For a QR10 watermelon you can't really go wrong. 

Tools of the trade - a couple of knives along with a cheap
watermelon from Lulu

Cut the bottom off to make it nice and flat so it will stand up easily

Hollow out using a knife and spoon.  I used the watermelon
we dug out to make ice blocks (see previous post)

Draw your design on the watermelon

Cut out your patern

Our first attempt!
This was our second attempt made with a stencil

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  1. Have mine in the window. Looks fabulous. Lovely warm pink/red glow. People passing by all stopping to admire.